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HipKnee Arkansas represented at 2012 Southern Orthopaedic Associated Meeting with research on:

Effect of Extension Constraint Knee Braces on Dynamic Balance

Helping People Get Back to Life

The HipKnee Arkansas Foundation provides quantitative information about joint forces, movement patterns, and muscle activity that is otherwise unavailable through standard clinical tests.  Our analyses help orthopedic specialists improve surgical techniques, validate implant designs, develop physical therapy protocols, customize treatment plans, and analyze sports performance.

Motion analysis measures various aspects of daily activities such as gait, stair climbing, chair sitting, squatting, and kneeling.  Athletic activities such as running, golfing, pitching, baseball swing, and playing tennis can also be measured through motion analysis.  It can range from relatively straightforward time-distance measurements such as step length, cadence, and velocity to more complicated analysis such as kinematics (joint motion) and kinetics (force and moments).   Motion analysis and muscle testing provide a more detailed and critical assessment of functional outcome than that provided by only routine clinical assessment. 

Our motion analysis laboratory equipment includes a 10 camera Vicon System for 3-D motion capture and Vicon MX software which can capture complex motion with extreme accuracy.  Real-time capabilities allow HKA Lab researchers to view the results at the same instant as the subject is performing a specific task.  The HKA Lab currently has four AMTI force plates which are mounted within the floor of the lab. The force plate system is used both independently to measure parameters such as static balance as well as in conjunction with the motion capture system in order to determine lower extremity kinetics such as ground reaction forces and movements.

HKA Researchers are also certified to perform Y Balance Testing which is used to measure pre and post rehabilitation programs, performance enhancement programs, and sports readiness. This metric can also be utilized to assess a person's risk for injury allowing for physicians, physical therapists, and trainers to develop a more customized regimen for patients and/or athletes. 

The staff at HKA strive to make each experience with our organization a positive and memorable one.  Helping people get back to life is what we do!

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