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Internships and Publications


HipKnee Arkansas Foundation will be offering internship opportunities beginning Summer 2013.  A structured curriculum and program will be formatted around Gait Analysis and Orthopedic Clinical Research.  We are seeking undergraduate candidates pursuing a career in the medical profession.  Prior completion of Human Anatomy and Physiology courses are preferred.  Opportunities within this internship program include:

  • Collaborative IRB Training and Certification
  • Y-Balance Training and Certification
  • Gait Analysis Training including the use of the Vicon Nexus System
  • Participating as a research associate on orthopedic clinical research trials

Interested individuals are welcome to contact us for further inquiry.  Applications will be available online Spring 2013. 

Contact Information:

Cara Petrus
501.246.4439 (phone)


Barnes, C. Lowry, Vail, Thomas P., Takemoto, Steven:

Where Do Knee Revisions for Infection, Fracture, and Other Revisions Get Treated?.  The Journal of Arthroplasty.  Provisionally Accepted with Minor Modifications.

Barnes, C. Lowry, Blaha, J. David, DeBoer, David, Stemniski, Paul, Obert, Richard, Carroll, Michael:

Assessment of a Medial-Pivot TKR Design in a Cadaveric Knee Extension Test Model. Journal of Arthroplasty. Accepted February 2012.

Queen, Robin M., Butler, Robert J., Dai, Boyi, Barnes, C. Lowry:

Difference in Peak Weight Transfer and Timing based on Golf Handicap.  Sports Biomechanics.  Submitted.

Barnes, C. Lowry, Lincoln, Daniel, Wilson, Becky, Bushmiaer, Marty:

          Knee Manipulation after Total Knee Arthroplasty: Comparison of Two Implant Designs. Journal of Surgical
          Orthopaedic Advances.  Accepted Dec, 2011.

Barnes, C. Lowry:

The Health Care Burden and Financial Cost of Surgical Site Infections  The American Journal of Orthopedics.  12S: Dec, 2011.

Barnes, C. Lowry, Wilson, Becky, Rankin, Heather:

Long Term Results of an Unloader Brace in a Group of Patients with Unicompartmental Knee Osteoarthritis.  Orthopaedics:  34(8):  575, 2011

Barnes, C. Lowry, Sharma, Adrija, Blaha, J. David, Nambu, Satya N., Carroll, Michael E.:

Kneeling is Safe for Patients Implanted with Medial Pivot Total Knee Arthroplasty Designs. Journal of Arthroplasty:  26(4): 549-554, 2011.

Barnes, C. Lowry, Iwaki, Hiroyoshi, Minoda, Yukihide, Green, John M., Obert, Richard M.:

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